May 11 2010

New and Improved: SRC Hawthorn Berry Syrup

When I decided to commercialize Hawthorn Berry Syrup 12 years ago, I  wanted a web site, an address list and a newsletter.  Being a Chemical  Engineer and having my own business making products for the rubber  industry for 30 years, I thought making just one product for the health industry would be easy.

After all, it repaired my heart from my heart attack in 1991 with 70+% damage and has helped many of our customers, too!  Boy was I wrong!  I learned that a different industry and helping people was a full time job!  However, we find it very rewarding  when we help people!

We have been making our Hawthorn Berry Syrup since 1992.  Due to the demand, I developed a non-alcohol version of the original ancient European recipe several years later.  We have improved on our many production process steps over the years.

My late RBTI Health teacher and best friend, Bob Kilian, told me that our products were 10+ times stronger than competitive Hawthorn products!  Because Bob had 3 PhD and 5 BS degrees, was a ND and DC, did Acupressure and was the most knowledgeable person I’ve ever met.  Who was I to disagree with him? Sadly, Bob died in an accident a few years ago.

We had such great personal results with an Enagic Kangen Ionized Water machine  I decided  to make a few R & D trial batches of our Hawthorn Berry Syrup to satisfy my curiosity.  The results I obtained were amazing and immediately seen during our many process steps!

  1. It was immediately noticed that the Kangen water dissolved more of the Hawthorn Berries since the red berries turned white while simmering in it!  This had never happened during the last 16 years!
  2. Our grinding process was much softer with much less waste when sifting the larger particles from the slurry!  This confirmed more  absorption of the berry, seeds, phyto-chemicals and cardio enzymes.
  3. A particle size analysis showed that  our Hawthorn Berry Syrup contained particles 4 times smaller than before starting at 25 microns!  These particles also contain the compatible heart nutrients.!
  4. The Kangen water molecule is smaller than a normal water molecule, an estimated at 1/3 the size- which promotes faster absorption of the Hawthorn phyto-chemicals and cardio enzymes!  The Kangen water Ph is also more compatible with the body.

We have had amazing and great results with both of our Hawthorn  Berry Syrup products made withKangen water with our customers over the past 18 months!  We include additional information with each order at no charge,  THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION HAS RECENTLY APPROVED HAWTHORN FOR TREATMENT OF THE HEART!

For additional information, click on this web site for Enagic/Kangen  Water or go to :

Look for our # 2 Newsletter in June.  The topic will how I survived a 2005 accident with a massive tri-axle dump truck and had a heart attack 13 hours later and the resultant injuries to the present,

Geza P. Lux
Chemical Engineer
RBTI Health Professional

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