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In 2005, we received a phone call from the groomer, informing us that our dog Cindy was going around in circles and that her tongue was hanging out. She had a stroke. The groomer called our vet and told him we would be bringing Cindy in as an emergency.

When we arrived at the groomers to pick Cindy up, she couldn’t walk. We took her home and gave her 2 tsp. of Hawthornberry syrup. It was thought that she cut her ear, so we put Aloe Vera on both ears to comfort her. She slept all the way to the vet, which took about 20 minutes. By the time we arrived, Cindy was fine and walking normally. The vet told us that whatever we did, keep doing it.

Three days later, we noticed a nick as the sunlight was shining in Cindy's eye.  It turns out the groomer cut her eye and caused her to have a stroke. She was two years old then.  She is five years old now and doing fine, and has never had a relapse.

Geza and Tonya Lux


SRC Hawthorn Berry Syrup is one of the most refined hawthorn berry products I have come across in all my years as an herbalist and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Chinese name for hawthorn is Shan Zha. We use it as a digestive to soothe an upset stomach, and help alleviate bloating, distention, and discomfort from eating too much. Your syrup also has a profound effect on digestion. It can be taken not only to strengthen and regulate Heart Qi, but to eliminate food stagnation. SRC Hawthorn Berry Syrup is in a class of its own. Don't waste your time with dried out hawthorn capsules. If you want the ultimate and purest hawthorn experience, look no further.
D.T.E., Los Angeles herbalist

My husband started taking Hawthorn Berry Syrup and there has been marked improvement in the blood flow to the heart. We are grateful to Hawthorn Berry Syrup and would not be without it. 

S.Z., Boynton Beach, FL

I firmly believe that Hawthorn Berry Syrup has helped me considerably. My general health and well being is making life much more pleasant and enjoyable. Keep up the good work! 

I.M.P., Sturgeon Bay, WI

My naturopath suggested SRC Hawthorn Syrup. What a wonderful product. 

J.W., Oklahoma City, OK

I feel much brighter and more alert due to the Hawthorn Berry Syrup. The syrup gave me a much brighter outlook for the future. It tastes good too!! 

F.J.M., Uniontown, PA

My own experience

At age 54, I had over 70% heart damage from my heart attack. I was in ICU for three weeks with tubes in my throat to keep me alive. That was over twelve years ago. "Irreversible damage. The heart will not repair itself," five cardiologists and two physical therapists told me. They were right, if I listened to them.

I decided that if I were to survive my heart attack, I'd have to do it myself! I started an intense literature research about the heart. Ironically, I found an ancient recipe from Europe for hawthorn berry syrup for the heart while sending for a course on cancer.

I think God let me find hawthorn berry syrup! It took me two months to make my first batch of hawthorn berry syrup from some dried berries I found at a health food store. I felt so much better and knew I wanted to keep taking it to strengthen my heart, so I persisted in trying to make the best syrup I could. After more research, I found that making Hawthorn Berry Syrup from fresh berries results in a stronger and more effective product. Since many hawthorn trees grow locally and abound in the northeastern United States, getting berries was not a problem.

After supplying relatives and friends with my Hawthorn Berry Syrup for many years (with amazing results, I might add), I decided to expand my efforts to help more people. It is a difficult product to make but the results are worth it!

I take good care of myself, eat a healthy diet (most of the time!), and exercise moderately. These days, I play golf (poorly) and do pretty much anything I want to do. And I'm feeling stronger every day!

Geza P. Lux, President, SRC Industries

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